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Everyone loves Bouncing on The Virtual Medicine Rebounder – The New Vitaliser

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Is there a secret that you can use to get healthier and feeling better with little effort? You bet there is! Douglas McCoy prepared this eBook just for you!

Hear what the Doctor says:

“The greatest consistent force we have to resist is gravity. If we exercise in a manner that will increase or enhance the gravitational force, we may expect a greater remodeling effect. Vertical acceleration and deceleration will provide that additional force.”

-Dr. Robert G. Frost. MD.

The New Generation in Rebounding; NO MORE SPRINGS – the much nicer and more beneficial bounce. The Bungee Bounce of the New Vitalizer – we are BACK better then ever. With a brand new bounce and lots more features that no other rebounder can match. You’ll love it! “Everyone Love Bouncing on the New Vitalizer!” David Bridgmen One of the World’s leading natural health – Naturopath and Nutritionist and  and Kinesiologist said: “”The Virtual Medicine Rebounder (The New Vitalizer)  has the best… better workout than any other Rebounder I’ve ever used in my 30 years of Rebounding. You have spoiled me now. I have bounced on the Virtual Medicine Rebounder”

-David Bridgmen

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Yes, find out how you can increase the G-Force on every cell in your body, and the amazing benefits you will receive.

What is The Secret?

ReCreation King Douglas McCoy

You will find out in this book the way to become tight, lean, attractive, and remarkably healthy in just 45 minutes three times a week. Discover how to rebound to a better health and also be amazed as Douglas McCoy expounds on the miracle of Rebound Exercise.

Have you invested in your health already? Many take it for granted, but investing in one’s health is much more important than investing in a home or business. Our health is the important treasure of our lives. Once it goes downhill, repairing the damage is never that easy and it will not leave us the same again.

Douglas McCoy3Every one of us can be healthy if we want to. It’s only a matter of choice, which most people disregard and give little attention. Many have already paid the price of not investing in their health. Reasons may range from being busy with work, school, or family, but if we only give importance to it, we can always find time to treat our bodies to exercise every week.

If you still want to have a healthy, vital life despite your age, want to protect yourself from the threats of serious illnesses, save your earnings and not spend them on medicine, eat delicious food and not worry about the ones you can’t eat, then invest in your health now and learn The Secrets to a Vital Life.

The American researchers have also found that regular use of the rebounder     ( Virtual Medicine Rebounder ) helps in weight-loss programmes and assists children with learning difficulties.

Again at UCLA, one study with children whose learning problems ranged from dyslexia to poor handwriting, found a 70 percent improvement in coordination and balance after some months of rebounding.

By bouncing on Virtual Medicine Rebounder you can create an exciting state of alertness… this gravity-plus activity deals naturally with anxiety and stress.